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The Board of Deacons is comprised of 16 men and women. The primary goal of the Deacons is to provide spiritual guidance, along with the Pastor, to the entire Church body.

The Deacons meet regularly to plan and initiate programs and services to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and acceptance of him as Lord and Savior. Regular prayer meetings are held and lead by the Deacons. These prayer services are held to pray for our Church family, the community as well as any worldwide issues.

One of the duties of the Deacons is to meet with any persons who wish to become members of our Church as well as to provide spiritual guidance to all new members. The Deacons provide visitation to the sick as well as shut-ins. Communion is prepared and served monthly by the Deacons and taken to any of the shut-ins who are unable to come to Church. The Church body donates regularly to our Fellowship Fund which is to assist any member who may be in need of financial assistance. This Fellowship Fund is overseen by the Board of Deacons.