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The Board of Finance shall act as the “Ways and Means” committee to raise additional funds whenever necessary through collections from pledges, special fund drives, gifts, bequests, loans for other special financial activities; be responsible for authorization of any special appeal for monies for any purpose by an Board, Committee, or Organization of the Church; be responsible for the deposit of all money as soon as possible and shall forward a duplicate deposit slip to the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary; responsible for recruiting Counters and developing their schedule; responsible for the Church investments; will prepare an anticipated revenue and expenditure budget for local work and for benevolences to be adopted at the Church Annual Business Meeting; shall conduct an annual financial campaign for the purpose of raising the necessary funds as outlined in the Church budget; and shall hold monthly meetings, or at the call of the Chairperson, to study and control the financial situation of the Church.

The members are:

  • Steve Girard – Acting Chair
  • Judy Birnie – Treasurer
  • Helen Greathouse – Fiancial Secretary
  • Vonnie Dutton – Assistant Financial Secretary
  • Rob Bellows
  • Eric Birnie