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The Board of Trustees are responsible for the care and maintenance of all property belonging to the Church; for the hiring and supervision of the Cleaning Company/Individual and present a proposed contract annually to be reviewed by the Board of Finance; shall not sell or encumber any real estate belonging to the Church, make any major alterations to same, errect any buildings thereon, or effect purchase of any real estate unless authorized to do so by a two-thirds vote of members present and voting at a regular or special business meeting of the Church; shall be responsible for all insurance policies, reviewing the same at time of renewal and shall make recommendations regarding continuance or change of such policies to the Finance Board; shall authorize requested use of the Church or any part thereof by organziations or individuals with the exception of all regularly scheduled services or programs; shall provide and review a “user” policy with guidlines for appropriate use, activities and donations regarding the use of the Church building and equipment; shall be responsible for accepting Gifts in Kind in conjunction with the Executive Council.