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Interim Pastor

In January 0f 2018, it was announced that Enrique Newman would serve as our Interim Pastor.  Enrique was born in Boston, MA and grew up in the Central American country of Honduras. The son of a pastor and missionary, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of seven. At 17, He received his ministry calling and became a youth leader at his local church.  After graduating high school, Enrique moved to the US to attend college.  Enrique continues to serve God as a pastor and evangelist.  Enrique joined Iglesias Comunidad de Amor Internacional (Mission Honduras) in 2002 as a conference speaker. He was appointed Assistant Director in the fall of 2007 and served as a missionary in Honduras from 2007-2010.  In his time in Honduras he oversaw 23 churches and their pastors in 4 regions of the country. 

Enrique has pastored churches in Honduras, Florida and Massachusetts and now Rhode Island.  Pastor Enrique preaches practical messages with an emphasis on Christ centered themes and a mission minded purpose. He is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College and has been a pastor since 2007.   He is joined at North Scituate Baptist Church by his wife Brigid and their new daughter Luna.