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What is BYF?

The initials stand for Baptist Youth Fellowship. This group experience is based upon Christian principles of fellowship and nurture. Baptist’s are those who sponsor the program. Youth are the participants. Fellowship, a community of love and respect, is the goal. All youth, generally 6th grade through 12th grade, are welcome no matter their level of spirituality (health information and contact phone numbers are required). The meeting times and particular programming are very flexible. The leadership commitment to faith, hope and love do not waver.


The adult leaders, at least two and one of each gender, are supervised by the Board of Christian Education and one of North Scituate Baptist’s pastors. Adults who facilitate the B.Y.F. sign both a faith statement and a personal disclosure statement about suitability in working with people under the age of 18. Oh, by the way, there are no membership fees. Special events may require family contributions or youth participation in fund raising BUT EXPENSES NEVER PROHIBIT ANY YOUTH FROM PARTICIPATING IN ANY EVENT OR EXPERIENCE. B.Y.F. is only one example of North Scituate Baptist’s faith-based commitment to Christian nurture across the life span. Questions are welcome. Contact our church office (phone 401-647-3238 or email to to be directed to our pastors or leaders for more information.